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60 Minutes Reports On Electronic Waste Shipped Illegally From The U.S.

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Metalwave's mission is to provide sustainable, environmentally friendly, recycling services to help companies maximize their recovery of aged or excess IT assets.

We dedicate our vast product knowledge and processing experience to help you eliminate your risks associated with data security and disposal compliance. Whether de-manufactured and processed as sub-assemblies or recycled for the materials intrinsic value, Metalwave can simultaneously offer you the maximum return, as well as the proper disposition, of your aging systems. Metalwave simplifies the take-out and recovery of your excess systems by providing one solution for your requirements, thereby enabling you to:

Data and Asset Security

Data and asset security is paramount in any IT liquidation process. Metalwave removes all asset tags and or customer identifiable markings when product is received in our facility. All hard disk drives are disabled in our facility and are shredded upon final disposition.

Domestic Grave

At Metalwave we are proud to work with downstream partner’s that process material domestically, utilizing sustainable operations that are safe for the environment, as well as economically advantageous for our customers.

Environmental Stewardship

Metalwave’s business philosophy is centered upon the proper, documented disposition of recycled material. All de-manufacturing and segregation of material is performed in-house, and no hazardous waste is land-filled. We have confidence in our ability to supply our customers with the necessary solutions for their recycling and reclamation requirements while simultaneously providing the most fair and competitive pricing.

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